This is a list of the Publicans and Beer Sellers.

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Snell, Minnie APotential Birth: Minnie Ada J
Hide, Robert 23 Sep 1758The Angel Inn
Summers, John 18 Nov 1817Innkeeper
Tydeman, Edmund 1830Cherry Tree Inn
Summers, John 8 May 1838Victualler
Summers, John 6 Jun 1841Publican
Tydeman, Edmund 1844Cherry Tree Inn
Wythe, John 15 Apr 1849Innkeeper
Cater, John 8 Nov 1849Innkeeper
Wythe, John 30 Mar 1851Publican
Tydeman, Edmund 1855Cherry Tree Inn
Miller, Mary Ann 7 Apr 1861Inn Keeper's Wife
Podd, Edward 7 Apr 1861Blackmith & Publican employing
Rolfe, Seth 7 Apr 1861Inn Keeper
Howlett, Peter 1865VictuallerAngel InnDebenham
Clements, Henry 2 Apr 1871Beerseller
Gooding, Philip 2 Apr 1871Builder & Innkeeper
Howlett, Peter 2 Apr 1871Publican
Howlett, Peter 1874VictuallerAngel InnDebenham
, Mary Ann 3 Apr 1881Beer House Keepers Wife
Markham, Henry 3 Apr 1881Inn Keeper & Pork Butcher (Mas
Rolfe, Charles 3 Apr 1881Beer House Keeper
Ruffles, George 3 Apr 1881Inn Keeper
Churchyard, James 19 Apr 1881Innkeeper
Mortimer, Edward 11 Jan 1883Innkeeper
Howlett, Peter 1885Victualler & Market GardenerCherry Tree InnDebenham
Markham, Henry 1885Pork Butcher & VictuallerAngel InnDebenham
Mortimer, Edward 1885VictuallerKing's HeadDebenham
Howlett, Peter 9 Mar 1887Inn Keeper
Mortimer, Edward 7 Aug 1887Innkeeper
Rolfe, Charles 30 Sep 1888Innkeeper (deceased)
Bullingham, Emma 5 Apr 1891Pork Butcher & Publican
Corner, William 5 Apr 1891Plumber & Inn Keeper
Everett, Nathaniel 5 Apr 1891Inn Keeper
Gooding, Philip 5 Apr 1891Beer House Keeper
Howlett, Peter 5 Apr 1891Innkeeper
Bullingham, Emma 1892VictuallerKing's HeadDebenham
Everett, Nathaniel 1892Victualler, Angel
Howlett, Peter 1892Market Gardener & VictuallerCherry Tree InnDebenham
, Mary 1896Beer Retailer
Mills, Thomas 1896Angel Inn & Hardware dealerAngel InnDebenham
, Mary 1900Beer Retailer
, Mary 31 Mar 1901Beer Retailer
Dash, Eliza 31 Mar 1901Beer Retailer - own Account
Gooding, Philip 31 Mar 1901Beerhouse (Pub) Keeper & Build
Mills, Thomas 31 Mar 1901Beer House Keeper
Gooding, Philip 26 Mar 1903Retired Publican
, Mary 2 Apr 1911Inn Keeper
Fox, Henry Joseph 2 Apr 1911Publican / Hotel Proprietor
Pleasance, John 2 Apr 1911Beer Retailer
Salter, Charles 2 Apr 1911Licenced Victualler
Dowson, Thomas Henry 12 Jun 1913Licenced Victualler
Knowland, Charles Thomas 12 Jun 1913Licenced Victualler