Brent Knowland1

M, #3899, b. 9 Jul 1943, d. between 3 Dec 1984 and 5 Dec 1984
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Father*Albert Garibaldi Walter Knowland1 b. 19 May 1910, d. 20 Feb 1945
Mother*Irma Nixon Smith1 b. 11 Jun 1914
     Brent Knowland was born on 9 Jul 1943.2 He was the son of Albert Garibaldi Walter Knowland and Irma Nixon Smith.1 His birth was registered in the Sep 1943 quarter in the Truro registration district.3 Brent Knowland died between 3 Dec 1984 and 5 Dec 1984 in Woodhouse, Bedwells Heath, Boars Hill, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England; Last seen alive 3rd December, 1984. Dead body found 5th December, 1984.4 Brent's death was registered in the Feb 1985 quarter in the Abingdon registration district.2 His estate was probated on 15 May 1985 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England; Not exceeding £40000.4

Children of Brent Knowland and Celia Green

  • Christopher David Knowland5
  • Victoria Catherine P Knowland5
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