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A tribute to the men of our Villages who died during wartime.

Battle Of Trafalgar

Robert Green Died 21st October 1805 (Debenham)

Indian Wars

Samuel Green Died 14th September 1818 (Debenham)

World War One


George Cook Died 8th January 1919 (Aspall)
Horation Herbert Kitchener Died 5th June 1916 (Aspall)
Jack Thrower Died 31st August 1916 (Aspall)
Willie Thrower Died 18th August 1916 (Aspall)


Thomas Aldous Died 15th April, 1918 (Debenham)
Frederick Artiss Died 15th August 1917 (Debenham)
Montague Artiss Died 18th November 1916 (Debenham)
Arthur Batchelor Died 28th April 1917 (Debenham)
Frank Balaam Died 17th May 1918 (Debenham)
Frederick Barrett Died 8th May 1917 (Debenham)
Bertie Buckingham Died 3rd August 1917 (Debenham)
Sedley Collins Died 25th January 1919 (Debenham)
Nathaniel Cook Died 31st December 1916 (Debenham)
Noah Cook Died 27th March 1918 (Debenham)
Charles Craske Died 14th January 1917 (Debenham)
Basil Eade Died 26th April 1918 (Debenham)
Arthur Emeny Died 13th April 1918 (Debenham)
George Gilling Died 11th April 1918 (Debenham)
Frederick Goward Died 3rd July 1916 (Debenham)
William Harvey Died 21st August 1918 (Debenham)
Henry Huggins Died 7th December 1917 (Debenham)
Frederick Kerry 11th December 1917 (Debenham)
Frank Laflin Died 26th August 1918 (Debenham)
Charlie Marchant Died 4th October 1918 (Debenham)
William Marjoram Died 5th December 1917 (Debenham)
John Marsh Died 19th June 1917 (Debenham)
Bertie Miller Died 12th May 1917 (Debenham)
Spencer Peck Died 9th April 1917 (Debenham)
William Peck Died 21st November 1916 (Debenham)
Wilfred Ray Died 3rd June 1917 (Debenham)
Ernest Rosier Died 27th September 1916 (Debenham)
George Rowe Died 24th March 1916 (Debenham)
Stanley Ruffles Died 1st May 1918 (Debenham)
Frank Snell Died 20th October 1918 (Debenham)
Reginald Snell Died 8th May 1915 (Debenham)
Horace Taylor Died 11th October 1916 (Debenham)
Alfred Woolnough Died 18th August 1916 (Debenham)


Russell George Arbon Died 30th June 1915 (Kenton)
Robert Mayes Died 7th March 1918 (Kenton)
Frederick Mayes Died 5th October 1918 (Kenton)
Spencer William Salter Died 8th May 1917 (Kenton)
Thomas Edward Salter Died 21st March 1918 (Kenton)
Arthur George Salter Died 25th October 1918 (Kenton)


William Green Died 9th July 1917 (Mickfield)
Arthur W Offord Died 25th August 1915 (Mickfield)

Stonham Aspal

Frederick Charles Allum Died 11th October 1917 (Stonham Aspal)
George Albert Brunning Died 4th August 1918 (Stonham Aspal)
Cyril Stanley Buckles Died 24th April 1918 (Stonham Aspal)
Reginald David Challis Died 9th April 1915 (Stonham Aspal)
Bertie Edward Chilvers Died 10th April 1918 (Stonham Aspal)
Arthur William Hall Died ? (Stonham Aspal)
Walter William Peck Died 22nd March 1918 (Stonham Aspal)
Percy Edwin Studd Died 15th April 1918 (Stonham Aspal)
Arthur C Taylor Died ? (Stonham Aspal)


Frederick Curtis Died 28th March 1918 (Winston)
Stanley Curtis Died 21st December 1915 (Winston)
Arthur Goodwin Died 15th January 1916 (Winston)
Frederick Goodwin Died 16th September 1916 (Winston)
Herbert Miller Died 2nd March 1916 (Winston)

World War Two


Edward Balaam Died 12th July 1943(Debenham)
Bertie Broom Died 24th July 1943 (Debenham)
Christopher Denny Died 28th April 1943 (Debenham)
Sidney Offord Died 13th May 1944 (Debenham)
Harry Pipe Died 25th August 1943 (Debenham)
Sidney Smith Died 5th July 1941 (Debenham)

Stonham Aspal

Reginald Victor Barnard Died 2nd October 1944 (Stonham Aspal)
Frederick Buckingham Died 10th November 1942 (Stonham Aspal)
Reginald George Jolly Died 7th January 1944 (Stonham Aspal)
Dennis Keith West Died 22nd September 1943 (Stonham Aspal)


Cyril Brown Died 8th June 1940 (Winston)
Wilfred Brown Died 21st October 1943 (Winston)

Debenham is in the County of Suffolk

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    Do You Know Someone Who Served In WW1 or WW2?

    This year is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. I am looking for more information on the people of Debenham (and also the neighbouring parishes of Aspall, Kenton, Mickfield & Winston) who served in either of these conflicts.

    The basic names of those who did not return were inscribed on the War Memorial in the Churchyard, but I want to know more - were they married, did they have children, parents, brothers, sisters? And what about those who did return - what is their story?

    Can you give more information on the gentlemen who formed our own “Dad's Army” in WW2.  Is your Dad or Granddad in the photo, or do you have a photo to contribute?

    Please contact Suzie if you can help flesh out our Heroes.





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